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VBF Video Theatre 006: Brad Keeler Trio "Lets 'Er Go," God Bless 'Em

This morning on Valley Bluegrass Festival Video Theatre we have 'vintage music' from The Brad Keeler Trio. This acoustic trio de force "lets 'er go" with a Louvin Brothers classic.

The Brad Keeler Trio (shown here with John Berning on guitar, and Jim Pittman on bass). Performed March 19, 2011 at the Inland Northwest Bluegrass Association's Music Showcase.


At the age of 15, Brad Keeler adopted a cheap 6 string guitar that had been abandoned by his older brother and left neglected and alone in a closet. Sometime after that the forlorn instrument was happily making music. Since those early days, Keeler has gone on to make music extensively in Florida and the Northwest with stops along the way from New England, to the upper Midwest and the Southwest as well. And in the meantime he has taken up bottleneck slide guitar, lap slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, bass, violin, washboard, jug, and even some piano (all of which can be heard on his 10 self-produced albums).

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, and interpreter of Vintage Music (blues, swing/jazz, folk, jugband, old time country and bluegrass) Brad Keeler continues on his musical journey as a solo performer and as leader of the Brad Keeler Trio (w/ Linda Parman on vocals and guitar and Jim Pittman on vocals and standup bass) performing regularly throughout the Inland Northwest.

Keeler’s latest CD releases (2012) include two self-recorded, self-produced albums: “Barrelhouse Blues” (a collection of early 20th century blues standards) and “Fedora Mysterioso” an all-original, jazz-influenced album of songs and string-driven instrumentals.

Influences include: deceased and living bluesmen of all colors and nationalities, Appalachian mountaineer fiddlers and banjoists, flatpickers fro the red clay hills of north Georgia and the Deep Gaps of North Carolina, 12 string Piedmonters, mandolin pioneers fro the hills of old Kentucky, busking blues mandolinists, gypsy jazz guitarists, string-driven swing violinists, piano stompers, Western Swing Bands, swinging Big Bands, jug bands, Tin Pan Alley composer-lyricist duos, circa 1960s-1970s singer-songwriters, medicine show shouters, pre-war songsters, post-war folkie revivalists, the Dead, and many more.

People ask "what is Vintage Music"....to some ears it may sound like:

  • an old 78 rpm record from a dusty attic
  • a juke joint in the Mississippi Delta
  • a radio broadcast on WSM in 1930 or 1948
  • a honky-tonk roadhouse in 1951
  • a sidewalk busker on Beale Street
  • Bleeker Street circa 1960
  • the Newport Folk Festival in 1962
  • or just Vintage Music in 2013...


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Preserving and promoting public awareness of bluegrass music in our area through concerts, festivals, jam sessions and other events.

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