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FarmStrong lights up the stage with exquisite harmonies and seasoned instrumentation. The heart of the band draws on inspiration from the last century of country, blues and bluegrass music from the 1920’s through the 50’s, as well as folk, rock, gospel and soul music of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

FarmStrong’s talented and experienced musicians take their audience outside the bluegrass tradition. Their unmistakable sound moves the soul, while remaining firmly rooted in music from the mountains. Based in the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State, the quartet brings over 150 years of performance experience between them, mixing a deep history of playing bluegrass, with country, blues and rock music.

At the heart of their sound is sweet harmony singing… a crystalline sound, thick and sweet as molasses, and as smooth and soft as velvet. Backed by a highly adept combination of stringed instruments, the band’s singing and distinctive style of arranging songs from within and beyond the mountain country music tradition reflect a musical chemistry that suggests a group that has been collaborating for many

Whether spinning a classic Stanley Brothers tune, an old Merle Haggard classic, or a Taj Mahal blues number, FarmStrong’s sound brings tears to your eyes, goose bumps to your skin, and a voice to your


Live In Dungeness – The Summer Sessions (2013)

FarmStrong’s debut recording sold out two live studio
performances to co-produce the album with the
Dungeness Community.

At times reminiscent of early Seldom Scene or even The Country Gentlemen, the arrangements mine the bluer, sparser side of bluegrass that is too often passed over by younger, unweathered bands fixated on speed and pyrotechnics. Jim Faddis and Cort Armstrong are both strong, emotional singers, but together they establish a natural, brother-like chemistry… With a great blend of spine-tingling vocals, seasoned performers and strong material, this is a band to watch!
— Kevin Brown, DJ for the Spokane Public Radio show Front Porch Bluegrass

North Country Bluegrass

North Country Bluegrass

North Country Bluegrass

Based out of Seattle, Washington, the North Country Bluegrass Band is one of the premier traditional bluegrass bands from the Northwest.

North Country was founded in 2012 when the guys were jamming together at a local bluegrass event in Seattle. They quickly found a unique chemistry and demonstrated the same love for music, songwriting, and instrumental dynamics. Within the first year of formation, the band played at prominent music venues, including Wintergrass and the historic Paramount Theatre. Since then, they have continued to build their repertoire and toured throughout the
United States and Canada.

In July 2014, the band released their first album titled “Won’t Be Over You,” which was named one of the top ten bluegrass albums of 2014 by KCBS radio. The album demonstrated both the band’s instrumental talent and songwriting ability. Furthermore, it showed the band’s ability to bring classic  country and folk music into a traditional bluegrass style.

In January 2015, the band placed 6th overall in the  prestigious SPBGMA Bluegrass band competition consisting of band throughout North America. Being from Seattle, a place not well recognized for traditional bluegrass music, the band showed that bluegrass music is alive and well in the Northwest.

KENT POWELL – Kent is a true veteran to the
Northwest bluegrass scene and brings his experience
to North Country. He has been a member in some of
the most popular and established Northwest bands,
such as Crossfire and Runaway Train, in which he
has been a member since 2005.

NICK DUMAS – Nick is one of the most popular
musicians among the Northwest bluegrass scene and
probably one of the best mandolin and fiddle players
you will find on the west coast. Growing up in Brier,
Washington, Nick was heavily influenced by his
grandfather, who is a great dobro player, and mother,
who is a talented singer and songwriter. After a few
years with his family band The Three Generations,
Nick went on and helped form Northern Departure,
a high powered and very talented Northwest bluegrass

WILL MCSEVENEY- Its hard to be considered
bluegrass without the presence of Scruggs Style
5-string banjo, and fortunately for us, Will delivers
just that to North Country… And then some! Currently
making his home in Kirkland Wa., Will is fast
becoming one of the most prominant banjo players,
young or old, in the Northwest bluegrass scene today.

NORM OLSEN – From South Bend, Washington,
Norm is a killer guitar player who gets great tone out
of his lead breaks and plays mean, dynamic rythym.
Born and raised in South Bend, Norm works with his
father managing their family oyster farm, Olsen and
Son Oyster co. inc., and enjoys hunting, fishing and
playing music as his hobbies. Norm lays down outrageous
lead solos that emulate some of flatpicking
guitar’s finest influences, such as Doc Watson, Bryan
Sutton, and Tony Rice, while incorporating fast, jaw
dropping licks that will make you shake your head.

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Preserving and promoting public awareness of bluegrass music in our area through concerts, festivals, jam sessions and other events.

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